A brief review on climate change
The Snowball Earth
BEYOND THE IVORY TOWER: The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change -- Oreskes 306 (5702): 1686 -- Science
The Bright- and Blind-Spots of Science: Why Objective Knowledge is not Enough to Resolve Environmental Controversies -- Carolan 34 (5): 725 -- Critical Sociology


Ecology and Society: Resilience, Panarchy, and World-Systems Analysis
Frey, Transfer of core-based hazardous production processes to the export processing zones of
chase-Dunn and Hall (core/periphery) degradation and world systems
J. of World Systems Research - Archive

Daily predictions for satellites, Morelia

arte (art)

Art and Science
Art of Marxism
Art Resource Photo Archive
Arte: Chicanos, Latino Americans
Artes e historia-Foro de Cultura Mexicana
ArtLex Art Dictionary
Bridgeman Art Library
Bui Xuan Thai
Dali Virtual Art Gallery
Debenport Fine Art Photography
Expresiones chicanas
Fine Art Nude Photography Network Exposiciones de fotograf�a
Literatura española
Museo Virtual de Escher, Arte y Matemáticas
Painting with Marxism
Poetry of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
Picasso Project
Pintores Mexicanos
Proyecto Sherezade, cuentos de autores de habla hispana.
Venus figures from the Stone Age
Virtual Museum of Political Art
WebMuseum, Paris
Web Gallery of Art
X Arte home, Arte Mexicano
Yorck Project in Wilkimedia Commons

astronomía (astronomy)

ADS Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract Service
ADS Abstract Mirror (Japan)
ADS Home Page (NASA Astrophys.Data System)
ADS Reference resolver/checker
American Astronomical Society Home Page e-print archive
Astronomical Data Center home page
Astronomical publications
Astronomical units
Astronomy search engine
Astronomical Society of Japan
AstroScienceWeb: Elsevier Astro site
AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet
Atomic & Molecular Database for Astronomy (CfA)
Atomic Line List by Peter van Hoof
Catalogues availables at CDS
Centre de Donnees astronomiques, Strasbourg
CDS, SIMBAD, TOPbase, catalogos, etc.
Cloudy and Associates, Photoionization Simulations
Coloquios IAUNAM
Dima Verner's Atomic Data for Astrophysics
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
IAU Div VI & Comm 34 Interstellar Matter
ISM modeling

instituciones (institutions)

ALA - Astronomía Latinoamericana
European Southern Observatory Homepage
Florencia, Departamento de Astronomía
Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
IAU home page
IAU Commission #34 (Interstellar Matter)
IAU Commission 46 (Teaching of astronomy)
Bienvenido al IAUNAM
Centro de Radioastronomía y Astrofísica
Instituto de Astronomía y Meteorología, G.
Observatorio Astronómico Nacional
Royal Astronomical Society
SkyView Virtual Observatory
UMIST Astrophysics Group
UNISA Department of Astronomy
UMIST Rate file

Kurucz page
Laila Alabidi's page
Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database
Molecules in Space
Molecules, Interstellar, Circumstellar
Molecules in Space
NASA ADS at SAO: ADS Article Service
New Astronomy
OP (The Opacity Project)
PDR Comparison Study
Photodissociation and photoionization of molecules
Planetary nebulae resources
PopRatio: atomic level populations by<BR>
RADEX, non-LTE Rad. Transf.
Scirus, science information
Siewert. C.E. home page at N. Carolina State U.
Siewert, C.E. - Publications
Simbad on the Web
Storey's recombination coefficients for H
Line emissivities, effective <BR>
STScI Digitized Sky Survey
UMIST Data Base for Astrochemistry
WMbasic Hot Star models
Adi Pauldrach's home page

WWW Astronomy Library

Abstracts of Astronomical Publications
Astronomical Bibliographical Services
Astronomy & astrophysics preprints & abstracts
Full-texts of Astronomical Publications
Astronomy-related Libraries
Other library resources
The WWW Virtual Library: Astronomy and Astrophysics

bibliotecas (libraries)

Association of Reseach Libraries
Biblioteca del CRyA, calálogo
Biblioteca del I.Mate. (Morelia)
Biblioteca DGSCA
Biblioteca Digital UNAM
Biblioteca Digital UNAM Revistas Electrónicas
Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
Catalogos de Bibliotecas UNAM
CfA Library Catalog
Digital Text International
Dirección General de Bibliotecas, UNAM
Guía rápida del Science Citation Index
Ibiblio, public library and digital archive
Información Electrónica en la UNAM
ISI Web of Knowledge
ISI Web of Science Cited (Science Citation)
Library of Congress
Servicios Hemerográficos, UNAM
UnCoverWeb, Awareness and Delivery Service
University of Chicago library

cine, blues, ron y similares (cinema, blues, rum and the like)

Ajedrez, enseñanza y perfeccionamiento

blues y musica (blues and music)

Asociación Mexicana de Blues
Blues Channel Welcome Page, The
Blues en Castellano
Blues en Venezuela
Blues in Chicago
Blues Foundation
Blues Lyrics
Harry's Blues Lyrics on line
BluesNet home page
Blues NY CD Blues
Casa del blues, Argentina
Classic Cat really free classical music
Index of free Classical Music downloads on the internet. Sorted by composer and work.
León de Mecenas
Lety Servín (en vitaminic)
Lety Servín (en mp3)
Patrick Lamb
(Rocio's friend)<BR>
Pisadas y acordes de música
Real de 14 (oficial)
Real de 14
Real de 14 (pag. de Julio Montalvo)
Realde14, Club en
Tedeschi Band Home Page, The Susan Arts & Diversions
Coca-Contra-CIA Connection Vol.1
Coca-Contra-CIA connection Vol.1

cine (cinema)

Alfred P. Sloan prize to film on science
Allegories of contamination Ed Conroy Books
Est. in 1987. Over 88,000 Books. Specializing in:Military History, Social and Political Sciences, Marxism, Communism, World War II, Russian Royalty, Biography, Hollywood and First Editions and Non Fiction Of All Types.
Alternative Film Guide
Ambulante, Gira de Documentales
Asoc. Mexicana de Cineastas Indep.
Boston Globe Movie Reviews
Boston Globe Online Calendar
Bright Lights Film Journal
British Film and TV
Butaca, La
Carteles de Cine
Cine en Educación
Cine, página del CNCA
Cine en la UNAM
Revueltas, Bracho,CUEC, Chopo, etc.
Cine en TV
Cine mexicano, ITESM
Cine independiente (Arg.)
Cineclub Campus Morelia
Cineclub Filos Espejo Humeante
Cinexperto (Cinépolis)
Cinema Contempo
Cinemas Lumiere
Cineteca Nacional
Cineguía La Jornada
Classic Movie Scripts
Consejo Nal.para la Cultura y las Artes
Criterion Collection
El Observante Blog
Expresión en corto
Festival CinémaScience CNRS
Facets Multimedia (Chicago)
Festival Intenacional de Morelia
Festival Int. Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano
Film Makers Cooperative - Avant-Garde distributor
Found Footage Festival Underground Cinema
HAL's Legacy
Harvard Film Archive table of contents
Guerrilla Girls
HESpacio Martes de Películas
Imagine Science Film Festival NY
Imagine Science Films
Infocine - Página Principal
Internet Movie Database, The
Italian Cinema
Indochina Film Arts Foundation
Ironweed Film Club
Kendall Square Theatre Showtimes
La Fuga - Cine, Critica & Analisis
Left Field Cinema Alternative & Indy
Metropolis, Fritz Lang's
Metropolis, Fritz Lang's (Kino restoration)
Movienet - Other links
New Screen Broadcasting
An independent, art and film TV station
Nuclear Test Films
Oxxo Mexican Films and Videos
Polish Cinema Database
Poltical Film Society
Portland NW Film Center
Reel | The Best Place To Buy Movies
Rotten Tomatoes
Silent Film Screenings
Solaris Cartelera
South Africa Independent Films
Senses of Cinema
Stills, Sweden site
Stills, Allmovie
Strictly Film School
Todo cine
Vampire Movie Guide, Leila's
Women Make Movies

Cultura UNAM
Culturama del GDF
Eventos culturales UMSNH
Havana Club Rum
Havanas and rum
Internet Guide to Wine and Frequently Asked Questions
Physicists on the money
Revista Gam
Rum Cocktails
Rum Cocktail Collection
Ticketmaster México
Tiempo libre
Tiempo Libre: Cineteca +
Guía de entretenimiento y ocio en México, la revista Tiempo Libre ahora ofrece a sus lectores los programas de entretenimiento, cultura y ocio en su versión web, ofrece también clasificados para la comunidad artística y su zona de blog.
Secretaría de Cultura, Cartelera
Rum: Fuel for the Modern World
Rum: The spirit of 1776
Saving the agave
17, Instituto de Estudios Críticos

clima (weather)

Channel 7 Boston Weather
Boston weather
GOES weather images
NOAA Weather Page
NOAA Weather for Morelia
Weather Underground

computación (computers)

Andataco On-The-Net
Axil Products
Collected Algorithms of the ACM
Collected Algorithms of the ACM (CALGO) in netlib
CPC Program Library
.docx DOCX Convert Office 2007
Convert .docx docx office 2007
Espacios públicos
Floppy and CD disks in linux machines
Fortran 90 tutorial
Fortran 90 for the F77 programmer
Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 Programmer
GNU-Freeware Foundation
IMSL Tips -- Table of Contents
International Open Source Network
Linux: Introduction
List of colors w/Hex, RGB values
Maple en la UNAM
NAG Group, Inc.
Netlib introduction
Netlib home page
Numerical Mathematics Software
Programing in C: A Tutorial by Brian W. Kernighan
Solaris Error Messages
Sun Microsystems
Visual Numerics, Inc.
Virus myths
C++ Language Tutorial

comunidades virtuales (web communities, free sites)

Angelfire Communications
Ciudad futura: Amistad y Entretenimiento !
GeoCities - The Largest Community on the Web!
Interconect, mundo latino en la red...
Sign out - Yahoo! Mail

diccionarios y gramáticas (dictionaries and grammars)

Alfabeto griego
AltaVista Translations
Babylon Free Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Corpus del Español
Diccionario Anaya de la Lengua
Diccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española
Encyclopaedia Britannica
English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary -
Free online Oxford dictionaries - Spanish, French, Italian, German and more. Conjugations, audio pronunciations and forums for your questions.


American Heritage Dictionary
Basic Prose Style and Mechanics
Chemical dictionary English Spanish
Corpus y Diccionario Inglés-Español - Traducción -
Busca en el diccionario de Inglés-Español: encuentra una traducción en español en el diccionario gratuito de inglés de
Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Bartleby
English Communication for Scientists
English Usage, The Columbia Guide
English Usage, Style & Composition, Bartleby
Grammar Points
Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization for Technical Writers
Grammar and Style Notes
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Hypertext Webster Interface
Idioms and phrases
List of Dictionaries
Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook--Contents
POETS English vocabulary assistant
ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form (ARTFL project)
Urban Dictionary
Using English as ESL
Web of On-line Dictionaries
Webster's On line, Rosetta Edition
Webster Search Form, 1913 edition (ARTFL project)
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen

Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy
Lengua Española, Manual de Estilo
Logos Multilingual
Lycos translations
NASA Thesaurus
Online Etymology Dictionary
Real Academia de la Lengua Española
Refranero popular español
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Swedish-English dictionary
Unilang Language Resources

divulgación (science popularization)

Academic Assistance Access, the best tutoring service on the WEB!
Approximate astronomical positions
Ask the Astronomier (Sten Odenwald)
Ask the Space Scientist

asociaciones y observatorios (associations and observatories)

AAVSO - American Association Of Variable Star Observers
Agrupación Astronómica Aragonesa
Griffith Observatory Home Page
Hawaiian Astronomical Society
Planetario IPN
SETI Institute
Soc.Astron.Planetario Alfa (Monterrey)
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

Astronomía autodidacta
Astronomía y sus Amantes (página de F. Montalvo)
Astronomía para niños
Astronomos, Monterrey, NL
Astronomy Knowledge Base
Atmospheric optics
Bad Astronomy
Black holes
Centro virtual de divulgación de matemáticas
Chemistry, Structure & 3D Molecules
Choosing Your Equipment Sky and Telescope
Constellations (Hawaiian Ast. Soc.)
Contact, the Movie

cometas y meteoritas (comets and meteorites)

A.L.P.O. Meteor showers
Meteor Showers, Gary Kronk's page
Dutch Meteor Society
Int'l Meteor Org.
IMO Meteor Shower Calendar 2000
Int'l Meteor Org.News and Forthcoming Events
Int'l Meteor Org. Bibliographic data base
Leónidas, Asoc.Astron.Gran Canaria
Leonid Meteor Predictions, Armagh Observatory

Eclipse Information, Solar Data Center
Eclipse Home Page (Espenak's)
Exobiología y ciencias planetarias (sitio de Luis Saldarriaga)
Exoplanets, U. California
HAL's Legacy
Heavens Above
Posiciones de satelites, planetas, etc.

historia (history)

A New View Of Mizar by Leos Ondra
Ancient Astronomy
Astronomical terms in gaelic
Images Through a Galilean Telescope
Galileo Portal, Inst. Mus. Hist. Sci. Florence
Galileo Project, The
History of Astronomy
History of Astronomy: Items: Astrology, Mythology, Religion, etc.
Images Through a Galilean Telescope
Inst. Museum Hist. Sci. Florence
Irish Gaelic starmaps
Maya Astronomy
Mayan Epigraphic Project
Museo Gallileo
Names of Stars, Period of Vedas
Star Names, Arabic (Jordanian Astr.Soc.)
Star Names, Sky Eys
Star Names
Starry Messenger HIstory of Astronomy

imágenes (images)

Active Galaxies and Quasars, Bill Keel's Gallery
Ango-Australian Obs. Image Archive
Astronomical Images
Astronomy Picture of the Day Index
Class slies of Tom MICHALIK
Cosmovisión de Stephen Wolfgang
Dark Sky Images
Deep Sky Atlas, Hawaiian Astronomical Society
Galactic Survey Spitzer
Galactic Survey Spitzer Images
GALLEX gallery
HST Pictures
HubbleSite - Meaning of Color
IPAC Gallery (IRAS, ISO, etc.)
Isaac Newton Telescopes Images
NASA Photo Gallery
Narrow Band Imaging
NRAO Image Gallery
SkyView Virtual Observatory
STScI Digitized Sky Survey
Students Exploration Development Space
Wil Milan's Astrophoto Gallery

introducciones y tutoriales (intros and tutorials)

Astronomy 161
Astronomy course of Illinois Math.& Sci.Acad.
Astronomy notes by Nick Strobel
Distance astronomy class at <BR>
Astronomy notes by Strobel
Bakersfield College Intro Astronomy from <BR>
Ciencia Divertida
Guía para astrónomos aficionados
Iniciación a la Astronomía
Interactive Physics
Introduction to Astronomy
Physics 7, U. of California, San Diego
Física 2000
Física Moderna (Física 2000)
La Ciencia es Divertida
Physics 2000
sitio interactivo buenisimo
On Line Journey through Astronomy
Solar System
Stargaze (en espa�ol)
Mala traducci�n de From Stargazers to <BR>
Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology
Astronomy 162 <BR> On Line Journey through Astronomy
Stellar Structure and Evolution
Grad course
Stellar Structure and Evolution
Grad course at Penn State Univ.
Spectroscopy, CCD Astronomy
Stars and Galaxies, Course by R. McCray
Tutorials for Astronomy

Hyperastro (divulgación del IAUNAM)
info.astro de AstroRed
James Randi Educational Foundation, The, against pseudoscience Homepage
Jason's Excellent Astro Page
Kosmos, telescopios e instrumentos
Leonardo da Vinci, Universal

mad scientist

Mad Scientist answering form
Mad Science Group
Mad Scientist manual
Mad Scientist Net

Mineralogy Database
Mir Space Station
Molecules in Space
Molecules, Interstellar, Circumstellar
Molecules in Space
Munich Astro Archive, The

NASA sites

HubbleSite - Meaning of Color
NASA Human Spaceflight
NASA's Imagine the Universe
NASA Space Science Education Resource
NASA Space Science News
Space Link (Space Educational Resources)

NOAA POES Auroral Activity
Noticias de la Ciencia y la Tecnolog�a
Noticias del OAN
Paper Craft Natural Science
Periodic Table, Element properties
Perplejo sideral
Physics Central
Physics, How things work
Physics simmulation applets

publicaciones (publications)

Astronomer Magazine, The
Astronomy Now
Boletín Semanal de Sky & Telescope
Ciencia, Mundo Olé
SKY Online - Sky Publishing Corporation
Skylab, publicación del IGUNAM

Quotations in Science
RA and DEC to ALT and AZ
Radio Kosmos
Russian Space Web
Saros, expediciones
Satellite Observers Page
Scanning Tunneling Mic.Galery, IBM
Scanning Tunneling Mic.Gallery, Wien
SETI Institute
Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri
Scope, Science Controversies

sistema solar (solar system)

Aurora UV Current Images
Imagen del Sol, Univ. Sonora
A website about comets, meteors, <BR> & asteroids.
Nine Planets, The
Phases of the Moon 1-2246
Phases of the Moon 1990-2005, US Naval Obs.
Phases of the Moon, 1800 to 2199 DC
Planetary Society, The
Simulación de la Tierra alrededor del Sol
Solar and Interplanetary Phenomena
Solar System Live
Solar System Simulatator
Solar/Terrestrial Tutorial, Plymouth State College
Space Environment Center Home
Space Physics Interactive Data Resource
Space Watch
SPACEWARN Bulletin 550
Space Weather, Solar Earth environment
Vistas del Sistema Solar

Sounds from Space
Space Calendar (JPL) (Pegasus launches)
STARLAB Portable Planetarium and Project STAR science materials

science in films

Imagine Science Films
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
Physics of Superheroes
James Kakalios is a physics professor at the University of Minnesota and the author of The Physics of Superheroes and The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics. He has also been science consultant for Watchmen and other hollywood movies and often speaks at venues such as Comic Con and W00tstock.
Physics Today article with references
Science and Entertainment Exchange

Telescopios TIO
Universe Today
US Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications
WorldWide Telescope
World Science

editoriales (publishers)

Cambridge International Science Publishing
Elsevier Science
Elsevier astro site
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Libros UNAM
Springer-Verlag Science
World Scientific offers

educación (education)

Cuaderno de Experimentos de la III SNCT 1996
Cómputo en docencia (DGSCA)
Differential Calculus Course at OSU
Directory of Physics Education Resources
Distance Education Consortium
Training for distance educators
Eduación Remota Operada por Software (Fac. de QuImica)
Emory Physics: Intro to Astronomy: Demonstrations
Fair Use for Education Multimedia
Fourmilab, science simulations and more
Instituto Latino.ComunicaciOn Educativa
Learning Network: Jump to any Learning Channel or Virtual Classroom
MakeMath! Math Parsing Form for Developers
Mapa Curricular, Nuevo Plan de Estudios de F\355sica
Math Archives
Mi Examen
Apunte, notas, etc.
NCSE | National Center for Science Education - Defending the Teaching of Evolution & Climate Science
NC State U. Physics Education Research
Observatorio Ciudadano de la Educacion
Orbits around black hole
PAS Programs
Paraíso de las Matemáticas
Physics simmulation applets
Physics Education Technology (PhET)
Physics Teacher, The
Procesos Radiativos, notas Luis Felipe
QuestWriter Home Page
Programs to aid educators using the web
Radiative Processes, Cole Miller's lecture notes
Resources For Involving Scientists in Education
Revista Quipus y ligas para educacion
TCC-L conference logs
Term papers
Thrid Int'l Math and Sciences Study
Topics in Mathematics, Math Archives
Understanding Evolution
Virtual Physics Laboratory
W3C Math: MathML puts math on the Web
World Bank, Education Sector Strategy
Welcome to Kristina's Scripts for Educators
World Bank, Priorities in Education
World Lecture Hall (lectures on line)

física (physics)

ADS Physics and Geophysics Abstract Service
AIP Physics News Graphics
A.I.P Weekly Physics News Search
American Geophysical Union Home Page
American Institute of Physics Home Page
American Physical Society, The
Federation of American Scientists
Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST
Proyecto Universitario de Fen�menos <BR> no Lineales y Mec�nica
NIST Constants, Units
NIST Physics Laboratory
NIST Physical Reference Data
Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange Information
Physical Review Focus Home Page
Scirus, science information
Welcome to the Institute of Physics
xxx e-print archive
Gradshteyn and Ryzhik errata

físca atómica y molecular (atomic & molecular physics)

Anil Pradhan's Home Page
Atomic & Molecular Database for Astronomy (CfA)
Atomic & Molecular Physics Division, Center for Astrophysics
Atomic Line List by Peter van Hoof
Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy
Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics
Dielectronic Recomb Coefficients (Badnell's)
JPL Molecular Spectroscopy
NIST Atomic Data Centers
NIST Atomic Spectra Database
NIST Physical Reference Data
NIST Data Gateway
Grotrian diagrams
HITRAN, molecular database
MCHF/MCDHF Collection at Vanderbilt
NIST: MCHF/MCDHF Collection - Home Page
Photodissociation and photoionization of molecules
Search NIST atomic data reference lists
Retrieve lists of references to <BR>
Sultana Nahar's Radiative Atomic Data
TAMOC Home Page
TOPBASE (Strasburg)
Worldwide Molecular Astrophysics

lugares (places)

Annuarie Mondial des Webcams - LIVECAM - Apartment Search Rental Listings
Apartments, Zero Fee, Boston, MA
Boston MBTA
Boston Online
Chilangolandia, eventos
Countries of the World
City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
CTV Live WebCam
Cuban connection
Directory of Cities and Towns in World
Distancias y lugares en el mundo
GEOPLANETA.COM, Mapas de España y el mundo
Global Exchange
Google maps
Great Vacation Rentals
Hotel reservations
Infosel, Información sobre México
Interconect, mundo latino en la red...
Landsat Image of Antarctica


Acervos de Información en la UNAM y Mexico
Banco de México
Correos de México, códigos postales
Directorio de Verificentros en el D.F.
Guía Roji
El Pueblito
Maplandia, México, Google Maps
Mapas de México
Maps of Mexico
México en bicicleta
México desconocido
Mexico Online
Mexico, Travel info, mpsnet
México Web
Mundo maya
Popocatépetl, Webcam
Taxi Mex
Tour By Mexico - Map of Mexico
Sección amarilla, México
Subway in Mexico City


Gobierno del Estado de Michoacán
Información turísitica de Michoacán
Mapas de México Michaocán
Mariposa Monarca
Mi Morelia
Morelia, Eventos Culturales
Morelia, Sitio de la UMSNH
Morelia, Infosel
Secretaría de Cultura, Cartelera
Sección amarilla - Morelia
Guia de la ciudad de Morelia, Busca en Morelia Cosas que hacer, Restaurantes, Salud, Hoteles, Viajes, Negocios, Clima, Directorios, Mapas, todo en SECCIONAMARILLA.COM, Morelia City guide. Search for Morelia Things to do, Restaurants, Travels, Hotels, Health, Business, Weather, directory, maps, directions, reviews on SECCIONAMARILLA.COM

MapQuest! (Interactive Navigator World Wide)
Maps, GIS, & GPS
Maps of the Americas
National Geographic Maps
Nationaal Imagery and Mapping Agency
National Imagery Mapping Agency query form
Phone area codes
Quikbook Hotel revervations
Rome reborn
Search engine de Webcams, El Ojo
SkyTel México
Space Imaging
Subway navigator and maps, World Satelite Images
USGS Mapping Information: U.S. Board on Geographic Names
USGS Mapping Information: Query Form
US Census Bureau

viajes (travel)

Traveler's health (Ctr 4 Disease Control)
Guía Turísitica en Internet
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Let's Go Madrid
Madrid travel guide: the Let's Go budget travel guide for Madrid has the best hotels, hostels, restaurants, maps, sights and activities.
Lonely Planet guides
Mexico Connect
Travel Lang
Travel Library
Travel logs, trip reports
Travelocity hotel en Madrid
Busque entre hoteles de Madrid, España en ofrece miles de comentarios para hoteles de Madrid, España.
Welcome to Mexico!
Sistema de Información de Transportes de Madrid - Redes de transportes
Sistema de Información de Transportes de la Comunidad de Madrid

Vietnam reference and teaching
Weather Underground
World Atlas
World Atlas, Interactive
WWW en México
Yad Vashem

manuales (manuals)

AASTEX basic instrucions
AASTeX documentation
ApJ instructions to authors
Elsevier LaTeX typset instructions
Fortran manuals Solaris Studio 8
Fortran 77 intrinsic functions
GIMP manual


Essentials, Xoom tutorial
Help, XOOM pages
Table or HTML characters
TeX to HTML (tth)
Tutorial by example, w3schools
Tutorial de NIC U.N.A.M.

Instruction manuals
MGv 2.0.2: A Motif Interface to Ghostscript
NCSA Mosaic X Resources
Pine Information Center
Sun documentation
Tao of Regular Expressions (Linux Reviews)
Regular expressions explained in three levels: easy, medium, and difficult. Numerous examples.
TeX-3.14 fonts
TeX documentation
Tuturiales (U. de G.)
Vi lovers home
xfig manual
xv manual

noticias (news)

CNN Interactive
CyberWire Dispatch, by Brock N. Meeks
Democracy Now Radio and TV News
InfoSel-Información de México
Jinn Magazine, Pacific News Service
Mail & Guardian


Cambio de Michoacán
Crónica de Hoy, La
Cynetic Servicios Informativos
Diario de Morelia
Diario oficial
Gaceta UNAM
Indymedia México
La Jornada (UNAM)
Las noticias [en la ReD]
Novedades Editores
PuntoMedio -Radio digital del CCH
SPIN-Internet: Resumen de Noticias
Sistemas de Noticias-UNAM
Voz de Michoacán, La

Mundo Express
Nature Podcast
New York Times
New York Times File
Newgroups, Usenet
NY Transf.News Collective Dir. Mailing Lists
OneWorld Online Home Page

progressive news sites

African Communist
Common Dreams
Dan Tsang's News Resources
Granma Internacional
Independent Media Center
Insignia, La
Media Channel
Mother Jones
Nation, The
Pacifica Home Page
Pacifica Network News
Pacifica Network Archives
People's Weeky World
Political News from Wired News
Onion, The
Radio4all Unwelcome guests
Off Our Backs
Morning Star, The
World Socialist Web Site
Political Affairs

Spunk Press Home
TIME World Wide Home Page
VHeadline Venezuela News
Weekly News Update on the Americas

política (politics)

13 Myths
A More Perfect Union - History of Democracy
AAAS Science and Human Rights Program
Abraham Lincoln Brigade
activ-l archives
Acts of the Democracies

American political parties

So you thought there were only two, uh?

Prohibition Party
Alaskan Independence Party
Citizens Party
Communist Party, USA
DC Statehood Green Party
Democratic Farmer Labor Party
Freedom Socialist Party
Green Party USA
Independent Party
Labor Party
Liberal Party
Natural Law Party
Patriot Party
Peace Party
Reform Party
Social Democrats, US

Assoc.Prog.Commun. gopher server
Ateneo Español de México, A.C.
Banned Books On-line

ciencia (science)

Scence about Science
Union of Concern Scientists
Idealist and Action Without Borders
Scholars at Risk
Unión de Científicos Comprometidos

conscientious objectors

Courage to Resist
Iraq War Resisters
Jeremy Hinzman

Civil Rights Memorial
Comics by Mark Fiore
Common Sense Drug Policy
Constituciones políticas de México


Cuba Grande
Cuba on line
CubaVisión TV
Cuba vs. Bloqueo
Che, Marx, Lenin
Granma Internacional
Prensa Latina
Radio Habana Cuba
TV Cubana on line
Cuba en México
En Defensa de la Humanidad, Videos

Culture and Society of México

conflicto UNAM 1999-2000 (UNAM student strike of 1999-2000)

Consejo Nacional de Huelga, p�gina oficial
Consejo General de Huelga
Consulta General Universitaria
Cuotas no
Education not for sale
Educations vouchers in practice (World Bank)
Espacio-i archives
Foro sobre las cuotas UNAM
P�gina Informativa de la huelga en la UNAM

Dan Tsang Alternative Research
Documents that shaped America
Directory of Progressive Organizations
Double Standards
Documents on Mexican Politics
Erowid, Humans and psychoactives
Eurosur, red
Euskal Herria Journal: a publication of the Basque Congress for Peace
Exiliados españoles, Asoc. descendientes
Exilio Republicano
FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Federation of American Scientists

feminismo (feminism)

Cidhal, Asociación feminista
CIMAC, Agencia de información sobre temas de género
FeMiNa - Web Search For Women and Girls
Feminist approaches to science and technology
Feministing blog
Feminist issues
Links to WOAH, Catt's Claws, abortion <BR>
Feminists for free expression
Feminist Movement, Orchid Recovery
Foro Nacional de Mujeres y Políticas de Población
GEM, Grupo de Educación Popular con Mujeres
Irene Stuber's WOAH and Catt's Claws
Intro to Women of Achievement and <BR>
Mujeres en Lucha por la Democracia
National Organization for Women ( NOW ) Home Page
Off Our Backs
Sex, Stereotypes and Beauty
Sojourner Truth
Types of feminism
Women of Achievement and HERstory at Marist

Free Lori
Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional
Grover Furr's Home Page
Distinguished contributor to Pnews
Hank Roth's progressive site
Harvard Humanist
Horario de verano
End daylight savings time
Implicit associations Harvard project
Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Indigenous People's Science and Math (Ron Eglash page)
Internet Free Expression Alliance
Institute for Global Communications
Iraq civilian body count
International Study Group on Ethnomathematics
Kari Lyndsen
Kent State May 4
Latin Trade: Indicadores
Law, US Law FindLaw
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Marxismo (marxism)

Communist University of Johannesburg
Corporate Crime
Encycopedia of Marxism
International Publishers
Libertarian Communist Library
Living Marxism Online
Marxist Educational Press
Marxist Internet Archive
Marxist Subject Archive
Marxism Page
Nature, Society and Thought Marxist Journal
Political Affairs
Soviet Music
Here you can find Soviet patriotic and marching music in MP3. All records are availiable for free download
Understanding Evolution

McLibel Trial
McDonald's in the spotligh


Acción Zapatista
Ayuntamiento de Morelia
Cámara de Diputados, México
Cámara de senadores, México
Cámara de Diputados, H.Congreso
Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de las Casas
Gobierno de México
Gobierno de México (propaganda)
Frente Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
Gobierno del Distrito Federal
Gobierno del Estado de Michoacán
Horario de verano
Instituto Federal Electoral
Mexicanos Exiliados pro-Democracia
National Security Archive's Mexico Project
"Orden" Jurídico Nacional
Predial consulta Morelia
Presidencia de la República
Rebelión, Directorio
Correos de México, códigos postales
Tlatelolco - 40 años

Michael Parenti
National Security Agency
National Time Change: What Time Is It in Indiana?
Nicaragua Solidarity Network Of Greater NY
Organic Consumers Association

partidos políticos (political parties)

Communist Party of Vietnam
Communist Party discussion group
Communist Party of Great Britain.


Communist Party U.S.A.
Democratic Socialists of America
International Socialist Group
International Socialist Organization
New Party, The
Peace & Freedom Party
People For the American Way
Progressive Labor Party
Socialist Alliance
Socialist Alternative
Socialist Party (USA)
Socialist Solidarty Network
Workers Power
Workers World Party
World Socialist Party of the US
Young Communist League, USA
Working for change
World Socialist Site (4th international)

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna

Italia (Italy)

Comunisti Unitari
Giovani Comunisti
Democratici di Sinistra
Rifondazione Comunista

Kommunicticherkaya Partiya Rossiskaya Federatii
Leeds Left Alliance
Mexican Political Parties, Georgetown U.
Movimiento Humanista
Partido Comunista de Cuba
PRD, México
Socialist Workers Party (Ireland)
Socialist Party (UK)
Socialist Workers Party (UK)
South African Communist Party
Partido de los Comunistas
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation
Partido Comunista de Venezuela

Pathfinder Press gopher
Peace Action
Formerly SANE/Freeze Education Fund
Peace Action Case Study:Chiapas
Pnews articles from Hank Roth
Pol Pot's secret prision photos
Political Fact Check (US)
Political Affairs (Journal of the CPUSA)
Project Censored
Portside, Committees of Correspondence
Freedom from Religion Foundation
National Security Archive
Progressive Directory @igc
Institute of Global Communication (IGC)<BR> directory of progressive organizations
Progressive resources (Spunk Press - Anarchist contact list)
Schaffer Library of Drug Policy
Sinn Féin
The Dagger #6 Online Edition
Things Latin America/Spanish Speaking Countries WWW at EgoWeb
United Farm Workers of America
U.S. Arms Clients Profiles--Mexico
US Government Sponsored Terrorism
UT-LANIC (Latin America Net.Info.Ctr)
War Resisters League
WebActive: What's New in Activism Online
Who is Hank Roth?
White Rose, The
Wikileaks cover names
¡YA BASTA! - The EZLN page

publicaciones (publications)

Am. Chem. Soc. Publications Division
Catalogs, ordering info
Annual Reviews Inc. e-print archive


Ap.J. Web Peer Review
Ap.J., Ap.J.Suppl. Electronic Edition
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Astronomical Journal
Astronomical publications
Astronomy and Astrophysics (Springer LINK):
Astronomy and Astrophysics <electronic edition>
Astrophysics and Space Science
CAP (Communicating Astronomy) journal
ICARUS, International Journal of Solar System Studies
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Ya recibi las instrucciones de como accesar la version electronica<BR>
Pub. of the Astronomical Soc. of Japan

Contents Direct (Elsevier)
CRC Dictionary of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Geophysics
Current Contents
Diario oficial
Diaro oficial por fechas
Elsevier Journals (via CICH)
ISI Web of Knowledge
ISI Web of Science Cited (Science Citation)
Journals - Elsevier
Información Electrónica en la UNAM
Landolt-Börnstein Data Compendiums
Les Editions de Physique
Moe's books
Username: wjhenney<BR> Password: remus
Nature Podcast

numerical math and physics

Applied Mathematics from Elsevier
Computer Physics Communications
Computer Physics Communications Program Library
Computers in Physics Home Page January 1998

Online Journal Publishing Service
AIP online Journals site

physics and geophysics

AGU Web Site: Publications
American Journal of Physics
APS Research Journals
Articles in Physics Online Document Delivery Service
Geophysical Research Letters Online
J. of Molecular Spectroscopy
J.of Phys.and Chem.Ref.Data
J. of Physics B
JQSRT articles
Physics Connect (Elsevier)
Username VISTA40316204<BR> Password mixyjoji
Physics Journals from Elsevier
Physics Letters A
Physics Reports
Physical Review Abstracts
Physical Review A online
Physical Review Letters online
Physical Review Online Archive
Physical Review Search
Physics Laboratory Publications

username: VISTA40316204<BR> passwd: mixyjoji
Science Magazine
University of Chicago Press Journals Division

recursos en internet (internet resources)

Animation Factory, Free Animated Gifs
Animated Gif Flags
Free version to prevent tracking by <BR> Web sites
Privacy protection tools
Astrolabio, buscador de América Latina

buscadores en ciencia (science searches)

Goggle Scholar

Business news in Netscape's NewsPage
Centro de Informacion de Redunam
Directorio Mexicano
Electronic journals about the Internet
The Internet Press<BR>
Gratislandia, freeware, manuals
Guia telefonica
Hallar, Página de Buscadores en Castellano
Internet Archive
InterNIC Directory and Database Services - Page 1
Liszt: Search Usenet Newsgroups
Liszt: Search e-Mail Discussion Groups
Searchable directory of e-mail listservs, <BR>
Lycos Page, WWW search
Searching WWW information
Resources for WWW Page Publishing
UK TeX Archive Web pages, CTAN
Computer Support Group
This site has really everything you possibly need
AOL search data
Technical questions, Ask Dave Taylor

reglamentos (laws and regulations)

Legislación Universitaria
Leyes y reglamentos fiscales
PAPIIT (DGAPA), requisitos, bases, fechas

tiendas (stores)

Alan And Ann Wetsell's Storefront's Biggest Selection
Avant libros
Asianwolf Spy cameras
Barnes & Noble - Secondhand, Out of Print Book Search
Bibliomodel, libreros
BizRate comparison shop
Canadian Pharmacy - Canada Pharmacy - Drugs from Canada - Discount Canadian Prescriptions
Chico Cannabis Club
Comercial Mexicana
Compras en EU, Merkalink
Consumidor Inteligente
The Coop
CWS Marketing Auction & Sales
Gandhi en línea
Herbas, A modern herbal
Home Mart - Free custom quotes for services and products. Save time, money and hassle.
Lynn's Bookstore
Merik puertas automáticas
Mexican Pharmacies On Line
Office Depot
Powell's Books
Refacciones Ford
Bucareli 148 (55)5512 9699
Rockport retail locator
Signo Grafic
University Text buy and sell
URSS Editorial
USA compras
Vietnam Style

universidades (universities)

Colegio Madrid
Colorado State University Extension
DaMOO's home page
Departamente de F�sica Espacial, IGUNAM
Depto.Ing.Eléctrica, DEPFI
Diversity University, Inc.
Fac. Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, FLACSO CHILE
Hanoi University of Science
Harvard Alumni Association
Harvard Alumni Conference Center
Harvard University WWW Home Page
Instituto de Física y Matemáticas, UMSNH
League of World Universities
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
North Carolina State University
Mexican Student Association MIT
New York University
Open University courses via the Internet
Radio Nicolaita
Posgrado en fisica y matematicas UMSNH


Campus Iztacala
Campus Morelia
Campus Morelia Vinculación
Chat Paidoteca Digital
Cineclub Campus Morelia
Claustro EPA
v.escalante 15asRD<3
Contrato Colectivo Académicos
Contrato Colectivo Administrativos
Descarga cultura - Podcast
Dirección General de Personal
Exalumnos UNAM
No. de cuenta 7742078-1
Instituto de Matemáticas Unidad Morelia
Gaceta UNAM
Radio UNAM
Security On Campus, Inc.
National non-profit campus security organization geared to the prevention of college and university campus crime, and crime victim assistance
Sitios WWW
Sun site UNAM
Teleconferencia IAUNAM

Universidad de la Habana
Universidad Virtual de Cuba
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
UMSNH Difusión Cultural
UMSNH: Museo Virtual/Galeria Virtual
Virtual University

varios (other)

AAA Nice -N- Naughty Toy Store
Abogados, consultas
Annals of Improbable Research presents HotAIR
Arquitectura a tu Alcance
Ask the Bugman
Buddha School
Calculators and Converters
Centro Científico y Técnico Francés
CFE - Recibos
Si todavía no te registras al sitio de CFE hazlo ahora mismo para aprovechar los beneficios de nuestra sección Servicios en línea
Chile hottness scale (in Scoville units)
Chistes, La página de los

chistes científicos (science jokes)

Math jokes
Math jokes
Math jokes
PHD Comics
Profession jokes
Science jokes

Cocina Mexicana
Consulado de México en Nueva York
Crime Library
Davies Auto Care, Inc.
To track package send email with <BR> airwaybill no. to

dinero (money)

American Express Home Page
American Express account info
Bank of America
BankBoston Homelink
BankBoston: Latin America
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
Cambio de moneda
Citibank Cards
Citibank VISA
Fleet Bank
Finanzas, Banamex
FTC Consumer Complaint Form
Fondos Horizontes
Gold and Silver, Buy
Impuestos (SAT)
Impuestos, instructivos (SAT)
Impuestos, guías (SAT)
Subasta SAT
Yahoo Currency Converter
Web Police

Fallacies, Dictionary of Logical
Fallacy Files
Fallacies & Logic, Atheism Web
Fallacies, Stephen's Guide to Logical
Fire arms on line
Hi5 (Rocío)
Home Power
Household Products Database
HotWired Network frontdoor
Hypertext Webster Interface
History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less
ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
My ICQ 281584387
ICQ Inc. - ICQ White Pages
Internal Revenue Service
Kuay, Revista Electrónica de Uruguay
Latpro jobs
Larry's Home Page
La Página de los Links de Derecho
La Página del Idioma Español

medicina (medicine)

American Cancer Society
Ask Dr.Weil
DCA site
Diccionario Farmacológico (UNAM)
Dr. Ruth Online!
Drug Info Online
Ergonomía en cómputo
.:Farmacias de Similares:.
Farmacology index
Final Exit Network
Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida
HealthAnswers: Homepage
Health Finder-Reliable health info
Herbas, A modern herbal
John Hopkints arthitis page
LIfe Options (Kidney Disease)
Mayo Clinic
Medical Encyclopedia, NIH
Merck Manual
Merck Manual (Home Edition)
National Comprehensive Cancer Network
National Cancer Institute
Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Information
Right to Dice Societies, World Federation
Safer Sex Knowledge Base
Salud Uno

Nextel, Enviar Mensajes
Rejecting Nobel class papers
Radio Educación
Radio UNAM
Radio MIchoacán
Radio Nicolaita
Reciva Internet Radio

urban legends and hoaxes

Museum of Hoaxes
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Urban Legends and net hoaxes

Survey police
TED Ideas Worth Spreading
Tramites en el DF
US Census Bureau. International Data Base (IDB)
Virtual Garden (

Reflections Onna MOOs

Personal Toolbar Folder

Claustro EPA
v.escalante 15asRD<3
Contents of English Communication for Scientists | Learn Science at Scitable

Rocío's job
Rocío's Personal ICQ
SPACEWARN Bulletin 550
Reportaje Diana Cedeño
Fotografias Diana Cedeño
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